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Shows attended

Exhibitions for 2019

Trentham Gardens

Craft in focus


6th - 9th June

pod 1

Coming this spring....


These wall mounted planter pods will be available at all of my forthcoming events.


Looking forward to having them ready at last.

1 bench 5 L

Coombe Trenchard

Garden Festival

West Devon

1st - 2nd June

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NEW DESIGNS for 2019

IMG_20190418_214811_750 IMG_2771 chitty 1

CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG that I built the rear end for last year is nearing completion

GC2019_3151d864-b165-4a70-9c68-7955bd0b34fe (1) IMG_20190410_142948_180

Rocking Chair


Eiffel Chair


2 Seater Bench