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I have traversed a meandering path in working with wood, beginning with traditional wooden boats on the Norfolk broads, onto traditional furniture making at Norwich College, where, to the consternation of the tutors, my constructions were anything but traditional. They were sufficient, however, to convince De Montfort University, Leicester, where I graduated with a BA(hons) in 3D furniture design. This led to working on my own designs, which led to shop fitting, which led to joinery, none of which led to satisfaction.


The track now led to Cornwall and boats once again.


A few years were spent knocking old wooden boats into shape, turning one of them into my home. I was then commissioned to build a couple of small boats.

Being exposed to Cornwall`s working boat heritage & mucking around on  charismatic old vessels began to work it`s magic.


I began experimenting with designing furniture, built using wooden boat building techniques.


Eschewing the square to embrace sweeping, natural curves.

Ignoring the tyranny of rigid symmetry in favour of pleasing the eye.  

Ousting the  despotism of varnish in favour of natural oils and allowing the prevailing elements to impose their own aesthetic.


Here are the results. A series of chairs in oak, ash and larch, steam bent & using copper fastenings.


Chairs for open spaces that demand to be viewed from all perspectives.

Sculptural yet to be used.

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